Cushing’s Disease – Coping With Your Affected Dog

Cushing Disease Information

Cushing’s disease, known medically as hyperadrenocorticism, is a dog health problem where the adrenal gland becomes hyperactive producing a hormone called cortisol; possibly brought on by either a pituitary or an adrenal gland tumor. Generally, this condition only affects dogs over the age of six, although, sometimes found in younger dogs it is quite rare. Cushing’s disease, … Read more

Dogs Cushing’s disease, if not treated!

Dogs Cushing’s disease

Dogs Cushing’s disease, if not treated, can eventually progress into a life-threatening condition for you pet. It can lead to kidney, liver, and even heart failure, as well as diabetes and several neurological disorders. This disease will also make your pet much more likely to incur infections in their mouths, their ears, and several areas … Read more

Dog Cancer Solution Fight Against Cancer

Dog Cancer Solution Fight Against Cancer

Dog fight Against cancer here is some alarming information to share with you. Dogs, surprisingly, retain physiological and genetic similarity to humans. Dogs and humans also share a common environment and suffer from the same diseases, such as cancer. In many cases, studying dog cancer can lead to advances in the treatment of human cancer. … Read more

The Veterinary Secret – Dog Skin Conditions

The Veterinary Secret – Dog Skin Conditions

Your pet dogs may boast of beautiful and shiny coat, but how sure are you that their skin is healthy? Oftentimes, coats hide uncomfortable dog skin conditions that can also be painful at the same time. This matter should be taken seriously because most dog skin conditions are signs of more acute health problems. One of the … Read more

Dog Skin Allergies

Dog Skin Allergies

Dog Skin Allergies, along with ear infections, are among the most common health problems in dogs. They are difficult to diagnose as symptoms can be common across many diseases. As there is usually no cure, Allergies need to be constantly managed. Most Allergies are seasonal and the inhalant type, such as tree pollen. If you … Read more

Dog Skin Problems-Answers

Dog Skin Problems

Dogs scratching and licking themselves can drive dog owners mad with frustration of trying to discover what is causing the terrible itching your dog is feeling. Dog skin problems are not uncommon in dogs and no matter how much you look for fleas, ticks, and other pest you may not find anything but bad dog … Read more

Dog Dry Skin Remedy Your Answers


Diagnosis for dog illness is the key in protecting the dog from the illness as some of the illness can result in death of the dog. There are so many ways of diagnosis of the dog illness. There are countless things in your own yard and home that can cause or aggravate your dog’s skin problems. … Read more